Finch’s Landing – Short Film by Sam Thomas

This short film won First Place and Director’s Choice Award for the Open Division at the 7th Annual Lander Film Festival (April 9, 2016). Contestants were given a line of dialog (submitted by Hollywood screenwriters) and three weeks to write, shoot and edit a short film – not to exceed five minutes. The line given to the Open Division contestants, written by Ryan Rowe (Charlie’s Angels, Tapeheads and The Lovebug): “There’s no way that’s gonna fit”.

Judges included, Craig Titley (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) and Chris Parrish (Thrill Ride, King of Queens)

On a zero-dollar budget, the production of this film was made possible only by the gracious volunteering of friends, family and local community. Set in 1892, the majority of the film was shot at The Belmont Inn, located downtown Abbeville, SC. The opening “train” scenes were shot at The Museum and Railroad Historical Center, located in Greenwood, SC. The costumes were provided by Greenwood Community Theater.

Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by Sam Thomas
Lighting & Sound by Fred Engler



To Cooper

untitled (1 of 1)-14

The most high-maintenance

Is there enough food in your bowl?
Is your water the correct temperature?
May I shut the door?

You left mounds of stinky hair
everywhere the ceiling fan blew,
as if they were a million micro reminders
that we indeed
worked for you

You grumpy old man

You musty husky
Must you awaken before me
Must I start the day
On the floor
On my knees
Cleaning up your loose shit?

But now
in the end
I remember-
When I first met you
When you were a playful jerk
When you had all your teeth and showed them-
When I first courted Courtney-

The most patient

I know you hated everything but free rein-
cold weather
and salmon

But I suspect that you also loved her-
your lowly beta
your personal photographer
your relentless caregiver-
In your own top secret way

All dogs go to heaven
and that’s great news for you
but even if they didn’t,
I know from experience,
you’d bark
and bark!
and BARK!
until they let you through

Cooper, sir, you were a horrible pet

And a wonderful creature



Love Hurts: Darryl & The Bandit

A Sam Thomas Short.
Open Division Winner for Lander Film Festival 5.0

Contestants were given two weeks to produce a 3-5 minute short containing a line of dialog written by Hollywood screenwriters. This film contains the line, “That’s because my dad is Burt Reynolds,” written by Kevin Biegel (Cougar Town/Enlisted/Scrubs).

Judges for this competition included Craig Titley (Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief), Luke Ryan (Hot Tub Time Machine), and Sarah Watson (Parenthood).

Snow Day

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I Can Do It

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